Hello, My name is Tim Otto, and I play video games…

While it might sound like I’m taking the first step towards dealing with my addiction, admiting I have a problem, I can assure you that I have no intention of giving up on this passionate pursuit.

Since I was a child video games have consumed me. To be honest, I never truly understood why until my mother showed me a picture of a young me bouncing on her knee while she stumbled through Super Mario Bro’s on our family NES (circa ’92-’93.

Me and Nintendo Go WAYYY Back

Me and Nintendo Go WAYYY Back

Still to this day I am overwhelmed with pride and passion when it comes to my games. I regularly skool fools in FPS and RTS and can hold my own on any console. Though of course, being such a FPS nut, my chosen frag medium is the PC. As my fingers dance ever so lightly across my keyboard, with every move intent on pwning some helpless noob… My heart can’t help but spasm.

That, my good friends and loyal audience, is of course why we’re here today. My semi-erotic relationship with PC gaming aside, it is my wish to take you on a trip, down the rabbit hole, into the world of professional gaming, where alas young boy, waits fame, fortune, and even, perhaps, a female gamer or two in need of more than one kind of ownage.

Prepare for descent, Zypher

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